Enjoying Your Work: Four Things to Love About IT Consulting

By Eric Chiaramonte| June 08, 2018

Whether you’re just entering the workforce for the first time, or you’re already well-established in your career, the desire to grow and develop both technically and professionally is what drives us to achieve that next level of success – whether that be climbing the corporate ladder or deepening your skill sets in a highly technical area.

If you have the desire to advance, then chances are you’re the type of person who thrives in an environment where you’re frequently challenged; you enjoy breaking away from the status quo to explore a different approach or dive into the latest technology; and the more exposure you can get to different projects and verticals – the better!

As a consultant for the last 18 years, it’s this kind of depth and breadth of work that has kept me happy and engaged over the course of my career. Working at BDO Digital the past 4 years has allowed me to continue that aggressive growth in my career. If this is something you value as well, then I strongly encourage you to consider a career in IT consulting.

The 4 Best Things About Being a Consultant

  1. Exciting Niches
    At BDO Digital, our clients range from hospitals to manufacturing companies to finance and law firms. This gives consultants a breadth of perspectives on the different ways companies do business, as well as the unique challenges that arise from each unique business scenario. This range of experiences is not something you’ll find in an internal IT team.
  2. Reliable Resources
    When you work at an IT consulting firm, you are plugged into a network of subject matter experts in a wide range of areas such as app/dev, data analytics, user experience, managed services, infrastructure, security, cloud computing, and more. When you need a helping hand, you don’t have to look very far.
  3. Room for Growth
    Not all consulting firms are created equal, but the best ones recognize the importance of creating a work culture where employees feel inspired and motivated to deliver high-quality services to their client’s. Naturally, this comes with a continuous cycle of leading-edge training and development.
  4. Create Dynamic Solutions
    As experts in the field, consultants are called upon to tackle some very complex projects. We’re constantly being challenged to solve new problems and stretch our skill sets as new technology rapidly evolves. Luckily, we get to work side-by-side some of the best and brightest technologists in the industry which allows us to develop the comprehensive solutions for our clients.

As someone who entered consulting after college, I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to the depth and breadths of projects early in my career. After moving to Illinois from Arizona 12 years later, I considered joining the corporate world but found that no other career path offered the same level of variety, challenging work, and reward that I have found in consulting. Today, I’m happy to still call myself a consultant for the four reasons listed above and many more!

Here at BDO Digital, IT consultants get to enjoy engaging in larger projects and working with diverse clients. The company is growing, which means even more opportunities if you’re looking to move up the ladder and eventually mentor the next round of ambitious consultants like you. At BDO Digital, not only can you fulfill your career dreams, but you can help countless others do the same!