BDO Digital Fosters a Culture of Collaboration

By Anna Greer| May 24, 2017

If you ask anyone what they like best about working at BDO Digital, chances are they'll tell you it's “the people.” There is something about having positive coworker relationships that bring out the best in everyone and motivates the team to work harder together. Especially in the technology industry, where no one person can do it all..

Bringing Teams Together

Any given month, we get creative by coordinating unique and fun events that promote high-level thinking and teamwork. This month, for instance, we’re having a Cloud Bake-Off where two intrepid teams of Cloud Architects will design a cloud solution for a fictitious client. What group will deliver the more awesome Azure solution? Our panel of esteemed Cloud SMEs will judge the friendly competition (over pizza and beer). Events like this keep everyone at the top of their technical game, and the casual nature of the event allows us to break the barriers between team lines, giving more junior level engineers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.

BDO Digital also hosts Hackathons to bring together small teams that might not normally work together to compete in sprint-like coding competitions. It can get pretty competitive! Programming competitions help our developers stay at the top of their game, as well as promote the spirit of collaboration. The winning team must bring their collective expertise together to come up with the most exciting and innovative results.

Leveraging Technology to Collaborate

Finding a way for multiple teams across multiple locations to share info is crucial to a growing company. That’s why BDO Digital uses SharePoint as our central intranet. Our customized SharePoint site allows our teams to collaborate, whether they’re in the office, at a client, or working remotely.

Another way SharePoint helps us collaborate is by providing a central location for our Communities to organize. For example, our Data Analytics Community meets monthly to share insights – maybe there’s been a new Microsoft Dynamics or Tableau feature update to demo. Similarly, our Cloud Community meets to compare notes on different Azure project approaches. BDO Digital's communities are a way teams collaborate, but also learn from each other and grow their technical skill sets through discussion and more informal mentorship.

Technology is now innovating at an unprecedented speed, and business needs to keep up. Teams are finding new ways to collaborate while remaining agile. To learn more about joining a team that values collaboration, visit our Careers Page and check out our open positions.