Mid-Market 2016 Business Technology Report

By BDO Digital| October 31, 2016

Over the past two decades, technology has dramatically changed the way businesses succeed. Now, more than ever, long-term business goals cannot be achieved without optimally leveraging technology throughout every layer of business, from sales and marketing to operational efficiency and workplace productivity.

In our 2016 Mid-Market survey, BDO Digital sought to gain deeper insights into the mid-market technology trends in order to reveal how successful companies are using technology to overcome challenges and drive value in today’s changing and complex business climate.

The results of this survey, augmented by BDO Digital's 35+ years of experience, reveal insights into several issues well-known to IT leaders, including

  • General market conditions
  • Transition to the cloud
  • Resource scarcity
  • Business/IT alignment

The most successful mid-market companies are responding to these issues in four predominant ways

  1. Ensure IT executives have a seat at the leadership table
  2. Migrating to the cloud for agility, scale and economics
  3. Making database decisions about their growth
  4. Rethinking the way they build their IT teams to provide the breadth of experience required today

To gain a deeper understanding of these issues and how CEOs and IT leaders can come together to solve some of today’s most complex challenges, download our 2016 Mid-Market Business Technology Report.

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