Top 5 Business Technology Resolutions for 2019

By BDO Digital| December 04, 2018

As the year comes to an end, most companies are making plans for improving their business in 2019. In the spirit of this New Year’s trend, we thought we’d share some exciting IT resolutions you may want to consider:

Make Your Technology Work for You

We understand the importance of creating technology solutions that are as unique as your business. As your business priorities change, your technology should do the same! If your out-of-the-box solution is no longer working for you, consider tapping custom application development resources to help you modernize your current applications. From supporting better data analytics to streamlining processes to innovating products and services, the possibilities are endless!

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Strategy

It seems like just yesterday companies were just beginning to consider migrating to the cloud, with many still deciding if the cloud was right for them. Jump to today, and nearly every business is fully committed to embracing the speed, scalability, and economic value of the cloud. Yet, our 2018 Tech Insights survey findings show that 32% of midsize organizations still don’t have any plans to move mission-critical applications to the cloud. With the race to the cloud closing in, accelerating your cloud migration strategy in 2019 can play a critical role in launching your company ahead of the competition.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

It’s hard to dispute the fact that leveraging your data comes with a major competitive advantage. What many midsize organizations don’t recognize, however, is that emerging technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence are now well within reach of organizations of all sizes! With the cost of technology coming down and new innovations making it easier than ever for anyone to get in the advanced analytics game, we expect a surge in projects related to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics in the coming year.

Don’t Forget About Your People

The constant assessment and implementation of new technology are fast becoming a challenge for most organizations to manage. Keeping up with technology advancements is hard enough, but enabling your workforce to fully embrace continual change is arguably the biggest challenge of all. As technology’s impact on business continues to accelerate, companies should by warry not to leave their people behind in 2019. Consider leveraging a partner who can deliver not only on the technical capabilities you’re looking to implement in 2019 but also on the change management capabilities needed to enable a company’s most valuable asset – its people!

Managed Services

Speaking of partnership, the movement towards IT outsourcing continues to pick up speed. Our recent survey findings show that 92% of midsize, Midwest organizations are leveraging a Managed Services provider to some degree. The data shows that the majority of companies are looking for outsourced providers to assist with project-based initiatives. This is a cost-effective way for midsize businesses to gain access to the specialized skills needed to compete in today’s fast-paced environment.

What Are Your Business Technology Resolutions?

As you continue to carve your path for success in 2019, we invite you to download the 2018 Tech Insights Report – a comprehensive study that seeks to evaluate how midsize businesses are utilizing technology to achieve their business goals. We hope it provides a benchmark on which to measure the progress your organization has made, identify top challenges and opportunities ahead, and provide recommendations as you navigate your way through another challenging but incredibly exciting year for business!

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