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By Carrie Shagat | May 27, 2016

Accounting Aftermath of a Restaurant Bankruptcy

Imagine this: After dreaming of a fantastic new concept, you and some friends decide to bring the idea to life by opening a restaurant. read more

By Carrie Shagat | May 18, 2016

Accounting Treatment for Promotional Cards

Amid continuously increasing competition and growth within the restaurant industry, restaurant operators often find themselves actively searching for ways to boost average unit volume and same store sales. read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | February 18, 2016

Who’s the Boss?: Changes in Joint Employer Liability

Last April, the restaurant industry warily watched as a series of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearings sought to name fast-food giant McDonald's as a joint employer with its individual franchisees.  read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | April 09, 2015

How Changes in Joint Employer Liability Could Impact the Franchising Industry

Earlier this week, a series of hearings in the National Labor Relations Board case against McDonald’s Corp began, ushering in what is likely to be a long process of ruling whether the company is to be considered a “joint... read more