By Laurie De Armond | March 30, 2017

Board Governance: A Board Member's Perspective

Nonprofit boards often comprise professionals from diverse career backgrounds and varying levels of experience in the nonprofit sector. What can board members - both veterans and first-timers - do to excel in their roles?

By Nonprofit Practice Leaders | March 24, 2017

We Launched a New Nonprofit Resource Hub!

Introducing BDO's new Nonprofit Resource Center! Looking for guidance on pressing nonprofit challenges? This centralized hub has everything you need.

By Nonprofit Practice Leaders | March 22, 2017

Webinar: Tax Planning for Executive Compensation

Don't let a sudden retirement or succession event leave your organization in the lurch for retirement solutions - learn about which issues you should be prepared to address and the benefits of preparing a plan. Join us Tuesday, March 28, from 1-2 pm ET, for the next...

By Nonprofit Practice Leaders | March 14, 2017

We Wrote the Book on Nonprofit Financial Reporting

Nonprofit financial reporting has never been more complicated. How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements: A Practical Guide is a new book from BDO that helps nonprofits design and prepare financial statements that comply with the new rules.

By Laura Kalick | March 09, 2017

IRS Stresses New Processes at Annual Tax Exempt and Government Entities Meeting

After the recent IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Council Meeting, it's clear IRS auditors will focus on transparency, efficiency and effectiveness this year. To do this, the IRS has implemented new processes and rules all exempt organizations should keep in mind.

By Jeff Schragg | March 01, 2017

Country by Country Reporting: Unnecessary Compliance Burden for Exempts?

A coalition of 134 developing nations (Group 77), in partnership with China, recently appealed to the United Nations to create a new tax body to create tax proposals tailored to the specific needs of the developing world. Group 77s announcement specifically addresses the...

By Nonprofit Practice Leaders | February 23, 2017

You're Invited: Webinar Board Governance - A Board Member's Perspective

A strong board is the essential foundation of any effective nonprofit organizationand when there are gaps in board governance, that foundation falters. On Tuesday, February 28, join us for our second installment of the 2017 BDO KNOWLEDGE Nonprofit & Education webinar series on...

By Robert Kaelber | February 21, 2017

IRS Focuses on Employment Tax Issues During Tax Exempt Organization Audits

With tax filing season well underway, organizations of all sizes are beginning to identify areas of potential noncompliance, and for nonprofits, a common culprit is employment tax issues.

By Lewis Sharpstone | February 15, 2017

The Importance of Civic Reach

Ensuring sustainability is a top priority for almost every nonprofit organization. But one sometimes overlooked piece of the sustainability puzzle is managing critical external relationships and ensuring their longevity.

By Nonprofit Practice Leaders | February 07, 2017

Podcast: Lee Klumpp Talks FASB ASU on Nonprofit Consolidation

The FASB recently released an Accounting Standards Update around consolidation for nonprofit entities. Our own Lee Klumpp, former FASB fellow, was a recent guest on Accounting Todays podcast series, where he sat down with host Mike Cohn to discuss what this ASU means for...