A Salute to United Way of Greater Atlanta

Our BDO team is thrilled to take part in this week’s United Way Financial Management and Human Resources Executive Forum in Atlanta. Even after eight years of working with United Way (Full disclosure: United Way Worldwide is a client with BDO’s Nonprofit & Higher Education practice), we’re still blown away by the organization’s dedication and impact. Its commitment to tackling some of the most vital issues our communities face—from access to education and healthcare, to homelessness and income security—has helped cities around the world realize lasting progress.

United Way of Greater Atlanta exemplifies this force for positive change. As the second largest chapter in the U.S., it mobilizes over $80 million in fundraising annually, investing in more than 200 programs that span the region’s 13 counties.  The flagship program behind much of its success is the Community Impact Fund—an investment strategy aimed at supporting sustainable, practical programs that address the most basic issues at the heart of Atlanta’s diverse communities.

While UW’s efforts in the city advance a broad swath of causes, in recent years it has turned its focus toward education initiatives in the region. The driving ideology behind UW’s education push positions K-12 education as the critical foundation upon which all other community development rests. United Way understands that successful early childhood education provides communities with committed, creative young citizens who can build the momentum and desire to help drive stable, impactful and long-term change.

To foster the K-12 movement and achieve this ultimate objective, UW of Greater Atlanta organizes and funds initiatives that:
  • Promote reading to boost literacy
  • Provide nurturing after-school programs
  • Encourage families to be engaged in their child’s education
  • Foster learning to help children graduate prepared for careers and higher education
  • Support teachers and school administrators
As we prepare for another great United Way conference in Atlanta this week, we salute the organization’s efforts to better our communities’ education systems, as well as its overall push for advancing the greater good.

Are you planning on attending United Way’s Financial and Human Resources Forum this week? If so, feel free to stop by booth 23/24 and meet our team.