Podcast: Nonprofits, when should you consider M&A?

Consolidation is growing more common among nonprofits, but the forces at play are as diverse as the sector itself. BDO’s Adam Cole recently sat down with New York Nonprofit Media as a guest on their NYN Media Insights podcast series to dig into M&A trends in the nonprofit sector. In some cases, structural deficits or funding challenges necessitate consolidation; other times, organizations are looking to pool resources or expand capacity.

Throughout the conversation, he shares insights about when to consider a merger, acquisition or joint venture, best practices to navigate the process as smoothly as possible, and what to expect in terms of results.

And to ensure a smooth integration once the ink is dry? Merging organizations must have compatible missions and a shared culture of excellence. But above all, “magic happens at the board level,” according to Adam, who notes that organizations might have to explore board membership changes to facilitate post M&A survival.

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