Why Nonprofits—Of All Shapes and Sizes—Should Invest in Governance

Laurie Arena Rocha, assurance partner and Nonprofit & Education Industry Group Audit Leader at BDO—as well as a regular contributor to the Nonprofit Standard blog—and Senior Director of Nonprofit Tax Services Rebekuh Eley, were interviewed about the importance of sound nonprofit governance by the Journal of Accountancy’s Ken Tysiac last week, following their presentation on the topic at the AICPA’s National Not-for-Profit Industry Conference in Washington DC.

Laurie and Rebekuh offered a handful of tips and examples for nonprofit executives tasked with putting sound governance policies in place. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

BDO Assurance Partner Laurie Arena Rocha, CPA, said not-for-profits that don’t follow good governance procedures put the mission at risk unnecessarily. “I had a client that had swampland in Florida,” Rocha said. “They couldn’t unload it. It was worthless, and they got stuck with it. That’s the challenge with organizations feeling like they’re too small [to invest in sound governance]. Because they’re really not too small to run into any one of these problems.”

Read the rest of Laurie and Rebekuh’s interview with the Journal of Accountancy here.