You're Invited: Webinar Board Governance - A Board Member's Perspective

A strong board is the essential foundation of any effective nonprofit organization—and when there are gaps in board governance, that foundation falters. On Tuesday, February 28, join us for our second installment of the 2017 BDO KNOWLEDGE Nonprofit & Education webinar series on the secret to effective board leadership—from the perspective of seasoned board members.

Panelists Michael Forster, CFO of The Wilson Center, and Thomas Waite, CFO of The Humane Society, will discuss their experiences helping organizations reach a level of exceptional board leadership. National co-leader of BDO’s Nonprofit and Education practice, Laurie De Armond, will moderate the conversation.

Topics addressed during the webinar will include:
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members and how to establish strong interaction and synergies with staff.
  • Identifying and discussing the key principles of board engagement/involvement in governance.
  • Exploring strategies for increasing board engagement in governance.
Participants are eligible for one CPE credit in Management Advisory Services.
Learn more and sign up for the webinar here. If you can’t make it on Tuesday, keep an eye out for a recap of the discussion on this blog. We’ll also share a podcast version of the webinar on Twitter at @BDONonprofit.