You're Invited: Webinar Top Ten Risks Facing Nonprofits Internationally

On Monday, December 12th at 12:30 p.m., tune into our webinar for an engaging discussion on the top ten risks facing nonprofits with international operations. Along with our cohosts Venable LLP, we examine pressing issues that nonprofit organizations grapple with abroad – from both a financial and legal perspective. Click here to learn more and register.

Topics of discussion include:
  • Assessing what is the best legal form for your activities in particular countries
  • Conducting due diligence regarding the jurisdiction and your partners in-country before proceeding, and beyond
  • Employment: Pros and cons of various options, such as being employees of a U.S. nonprofit or employees of a foreign entity, or using independent contractors or a management company
  • Delivering services and goods on the ground: What is considered “doing business” in particular countries and when you need to “register,” be “licensed,” or otherwise more fully comply with local requirements, and other considerations
  • Corruption prevention and compliance with U.S. and foreign anti-bribery laws
  • U.S. economic sanctions (OFAC) and U.S. export controls
  • Setting up systems for strong financial controls: Key control elements to include, common pitfalls, procurement and subcontracting, and other practical advice
  • International donor requirements—a changing landscape, financial requirements, and federal tax-exemption considerations
  • Agreements: Overseas contracts, term, termination, ownership, use and licensing of trademarks and copyrights, avoiding infringement of others’ intellectual property rights, vicarious liability, domestic and foreign tax liability, indemnification, governing law and venue, dispute resolution
  • Insurance and security considerations
For more background on international challenges facing nonprofits, reference Jeff Schragg’s recent series on foreign tax considerations, which focuses on international grantmaking issues and foreign income tax issues for nonprofit employees. 

Can’t make it on the 12th? Keep an eye on this page and on Twitter at @BDONonprofit for the archived webinar.