Building a Resilient Organization - a Toolkit for Nonprofit Boards to Manage Transformational Change

At some point in their lifecycle, most nonprofits will encounter a bump in the road that disrupts operations, the mission or their key leadership staff. And in many of these cases, the board must step in to manage change and, sometimes, make tough decisions about the organization’s future. If and when you encounter change, there are steps boards and executives can take to manage their risk in the face of turbulence. 
In a recent Philanthropy Journal article, our own Laurie De Armond examines common disruptions nonprofits encounter, along with their possible causes and implications for nonprofit organizations. She also shares suggestions for proactively building a strong toolkit to equip your nonprofit’s board and executive leadership to effectively and efficiently navigate those disruptions and plan for smoother sailing ahead.
Read the full article here. You can find our past insights on nonprofit board governance here, or visit BDO’s Corporate Governance Resource Center for more.