Results from Reader Survey: Which Issues are on Your Radar for 2014?

An eventful 2013 brought considerable policy changes, a government shutdown and changing dynamics surrounding how nonprofits use donor funds. Now, as the year winds down, it’s important for us to hear from you about the issues that remain top of mind in the New Year.

A few weeks ago, we conducted a quick survey on the Nonprofit Standard to learn more about what nonprofit issues are on the radar for our readers in the months ahead. We asked about your organization’s focus, the scope of its work and the most pressing concerns you perceive for 2014. Here’s what we gathered:
  • “Financial Management Issues” and “Reputational Risks” were cited as the top concerns for readers in the year ahead.  Given recent IRS policy changes and several high-level investigations that have occurred in 2013, perhaps it’s not surprising that a plurality (32 percent) of respondents claimed financial management issues were their biggest concern for 2014. The second most cited concern at 20 percent of the vote was reputational risk. In the months ahead, our team will remain focused and committed to providing you with our insights and best practices on how to mitigate these risks, as well as their impact on your organization.
  • Those who responded work predominantly in national and local organizations. As we’ve noted in past surveys, much of our readership works at either national or local nonprofits. This survey yielded similar results (see graph below). Though we’ve focused many of our blog pieces on breaking news and legislative changes within the nonprofit space, we’ll continue to bring you our analysis of diverse topics in the New Year that speak to the challenges unique to your nonprofits. Look for more pieces in 2014 that dive into healthcare issues, higher education and trends in philanthropy.
  • Our readership is engaged across the entire industry. As we reviewed the survey data, we were once again thrilled at the various nonprofit subsectors that are represented in our readership. Those who responded to this survey were members of grantmaking and giving organizations, institutions of higher education, social and research groups, religious foundations, healthcare organizations and various trade groups. Moving forward, we’ll strive to deliver relevant analysis for all of our loyal readers, and we hope that you will all continue to engage our team, as well.
On behalf of our entire team, we’ve sincerely enjoyed interacting with our readers on the Nonprofit Standard throughout 2013. As we continue to share our perspectives in the New Year, we hope you’ll keep sharing with us your thoughts on major issues, breaking news and industry trends. Leave us a message in the comments section below, connect with us on Twitter and stay tuned for more insights from the BDO Nonprofit and Education practice in the weeks and months ahead. Happy holidays!