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By David Friend | May 12, 2016

Not Your Father’s Healthcare Acquisition Strategy

In today’s brave new world of healthcare investment, merging with another company is not only smart, but perhaps necessary for survival. read more

BDO Special Report: The Impact of Bundled Payments on PE Deal Activity in Healthcare

The healthcare market’s shift to value-based reimbursements has led to aggressive moves by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to roll out new initiatives and alternative payment models in support of its goal of tying 90... read more

Unclaimed Property Concerns for the Healthcare Industry - Part Two

This week, we’ll discuss the details of unclaimed property audits and proactive measures that can be taken if you have not yet addressed unclaimed property. read more

Unclaimed Property Concerns for the Healthcare Industry – Part One

Accounting professionals in the healthcare industry spend significant time reviewing contracts to determine the amount of receivables to record for a given service, pursuing reimbursement for claims, and determining whether any... read more

Bundled Payments: Expanding Risk for Potential Reward

Hospitals have historically been paid to control and remain accountable for what happens in their closed, controlled environments. CMS’ mandatory Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement model (CJR) changes the rules, pressing... read more

By David Friend | October 16, 2015

Bundled Payments: Wherever You Are in the Supply Chain, Get on Board or Get Left Behind

The time for bundled payments has finally come, and enforcement is coming. CMS has committed $300 billion to move away from fee-for-service payments by the end of 2018. read more

Long-term considerations for REITs and senior housing

With the seniors housing industry motivated to build and M&A transactions continuing to increase, consideration of long-term trends is vital. read more

By Laura Kalick | September 08, 2015

501(r) Penalties Depend on Response to Mistakes

There has been significant discussion this year about new provisions outlined in Section 501(r) of the Internal Revenue Code that nonprofit hospitals must meet to retain their tax-exempt status. read more

Developing a Long-term Care Transformation Plan

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on King v. Burwell behind us, many of the doubts that have held back new healthcare developments have been absolved. An accelerated rate of change is expected across the board in healthcare... read more

Why Nonprofits Need to Measure & Monitor Program Impact & Outcomes

More nonprofits are waking up. From stringent regulations and government scrutiny around tax-exempt status and grant compliance, to increasingly intense competition for funds, organizations of all shapes and sizes are realizing the need... read more