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Vlog: The Hospital’s Future in a Medicare Advantage World

How can hospitals combat the forces at work to reduce patient stays and shift care to lower-cost settings? We outline how hospitals must transform their business models to develop a winning future strategy—especially in a Medicare... read more

By Patrick Pilch | April 03, 2018

The Importance of Healthcare Digitization in Disaster Scenarios

In the first episode of BDO’s Healthcare Rx Podcast, Patrick Pilch chats with Karen DeSalvo about how technology can help leverage data to improve health, especially in disaster situations. read more

The Healthcare Revolution is Here: 8 Predictions for the Year Ahead

There’s a major development in the healthcare industry nearly every day. Here are our 9 predictions for what’s to come. read more

BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter Explores Cyber Response, Valuation Methods & More

The healthcare industry is facing major transformation, driven by reforms brewing in Washington and the longer-term transition toward a value-based reimbursement model. As lawmakers continue to grapple with the complexities of revising... read more

Healthcare Boards in Conflict

The high incidence of hospital board members with discoverable business conflicts suggests prospective trustees aren’t being thoroughly vetted to pro-actively guard against such conflicts. read more

How Hospital CFOs Can Work More Effectively with Their Boards of Directors

Good governance begins with trust, transparency, cultivating key relationships, and good financial education opportunities for all board members. read more

Elevating Cybersecurity to the Board – Questions Boards Should Be Asking

The board’s role in the oversight of organizational risk is increasingly complicated by cybersecurity concerns. Directors need to maintain continual knowledge about evolving cyber issues and management’s plans for allocating... read more

Healthcare Executive Pay Growth Rate Top Among Eight Major Industries

CEOs and CFOs of public healthcare organizations experienced the most dramatic increase in pay across eight major industry sectors during 2014, according to the new BDO 600 CEO and CFO Pay... read more

Developing a Long-term Care Transformation Plan

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on King v. Burwell behind us, many of the doubts that have held back new healthcare developments have been absolved. An accelerated rate of change is expected across the board in healthcare... read more

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: A New Source of Capital?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) have proven themselves to be a successful company ownership structure for a wide variety of businesses. In an ESOP, owners sell to a benefit plan (the ESOP), and employees receive ownership in their... read more