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Podcast: Money-based Guarantee – The Next Drug Pricing Model?

In the fourth episode of BDO’s Healthcare Rx Podcast, BDO’s Dr. David Friend talks about developing models and measurements for value-based care as a method to lower drug prices. Joining him are Ann Kraft, executive director of Purdue... read more

Maximizing Data Integrity to Mitigate Government Pricing Risk

In an era of pricing transparency and increasing calls for even greater government pricing regulation, government pricing risk is heightened for drug manufacturers. Ensuring data integrity is key. Discover ways to monitor and review... read more

BDO’s Healthcare Rx Newsletter: Future of Healthcare Lies in the Data

In our revamped newsletter, BDO’s Healthcare Rx, we look at how three foundational shifts and five revolutionary forces are changing healthcare. Where do opportunities lie? One clue—start with Medicare Advantage. read more

BDO’s 2018 Life Sciences Outlook

BDO’s Life Sciences practice makes four predictions for the industry in 2018, including that mainstream milestone-based reimbursements and a biotech M&A recovery are coming. read more

Pharma Supply Chains: Steady or Susceptible? BDO Life Sciences RiskFactor Report

It’s not the risks that are unfamiliar to life sciences companies causing consternation—it’s the changes to the operating environment. With regulatory tailwinds promising to boost innovation, and pricing and value-based care... read more

6 Trends Pharma Should Follow: BDO Life Sciences Letter Explains

Changes to global tax laws, rising drug pricing pressures and uncertainty around healthcare reform are just a few developments the pharma industry is watching. In the Spring 2017 Life Sciences Letter, BDO explores these topics and more... read more

How Innovations and Payment Models Seek to Tie Drug Pricing to Patient Outcomes

In efforts to better tie payments to outcomes, healthcare industry stakeholders are exploring new innovations and pricing models to evaluate the cost and efficacy of drugs and establish new and better ways of tracking patient outcomes... read more

Healthcare Reform: Insights from Inside the Beltway

We recently hosted a breakfast panel, Healthcare Reform: Insights from Inside the Beltway, during the 2017 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, featuring our senior fellow, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, and Dave Tamasi of Rasky Baerlein, along with... read more

By William Bithoney | August 08, 2016

Compounding Pressures: Multiple influencers push for U.S. drug prices to be tied to value, outcomes

Despite criticism, drug prices are still rising. Besides the complex issues of development, regulation and competition, and the bevy of price variables such as insurance contracts and pharmacy benefit manager formularies, pricing has... read more

The Politics of Drug Pricing vs. Reality of Payer Control – Recorded Bloomberg Intelligence Webinar

New legislation and pilot programs are helping to change the tide when it comes to how drugs are priced in the U.S. read more