Adjusting to Disruption: The “New Normal” in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is marching towards a new era where precision medicine and value-based care walk hand in hand with consumer empowerment. The result, hopefully, will be an improvement in patient outcomes, easier access to healthcare delivery, and lower medical costs.

Genomics and genetic testing, as well as new drug therapies that are based on live organisms, are but a few of the medical advancements that are allowing for earlier, easier, and more precise detection of health conditions as well as more efficient ways to treat them and even prevent them.

Healthcare services are also bound to improve. The rise of disruptive services such as Teladoc, which uses telehealth technology to connect patients with caregivers via videoconferencing technology, mobile devices, and the internet, is allowing for more touchpoints outside of the doctor’s office or the hospital.

To learn more about the how new technologies are disrupting and improving healthcare, listen to Patrick Pilch, managing director and national leader of The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, and a panel of highly regarded medical innovators and investors in the second episode of BDO’s Healthcare Rx Podcast.
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