WannaCry Aftermath: What to Know About Insurance for Ransomware Attacks

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare—an industry uniquely at risk to cyber incidents—the hardest. The attack is the first of its kind—and likely not the last. As the immediate shockwaves die down, it’s critical for businesses, particularly in the healthcare industry, to turn their attention toward risk mitigation for the future.
Earlier this month, we covered takeaways for healthcare organizations on defense measures to put in place. Beyond shrinking the target on your back, it’s also important to consider other mitigation measures for if your organization does fall victim to a ransomware attack.
Step one? Insurance.
BDO’s Judy Selby recently shared her thoughts with Business Insurance on how coverage for ransomware attacks has evolved, where it fits into the broader landscape of cybersecurity insurance and what to do if your organization falls victim to malware.
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