BDO Knows Healthcare Winter 2015 Newsletter

Will behavioral healthcare investments shift in 2015? And what new regulations might impact those transactions? Find out this and more in the latest BDO Knows Healthcare newsletter from The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation. In this edition, our leading clinical and business advisory professionals dispel some of the confusion over several new issues impacting the healthcare landscape.
  • Steven Shill discusses challenges and opportunities for investment in behavioral health providers.
  • Sara Hendrix flags a new tax provision that could cause unexpected consequences for both for-profit and nonprofit providers.
  • Dr. David Friend applies his clinical background to integration.
  • Joshua Lefcowitz and Kristin Fox explain the concept of commercial reasonableness as it applies to healthcare transactions.
  • Laura Kalick outlines steps nonprofit hospitals must take to retain their tax-exempt status.
  • In a guest post from The Rybar Group, Laura Lovett offers a 2015 compliance check-up.
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