BDO Knows Healthcare Summer 2015 Newsletter

How are healthcare providers adapting to the evolving behavioral health landscape and an overall shift to community-based models and value-based care? Find out this and more in the latest BDO Knows Healthcare newsletter from The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation. In this edition, our leading clinical and business advisory professionals explore the impact of broad healthcare issues on specific aspects of the business of care delivery.
  • Dr. William Bithoney explains how recent regulatory and reimbursement changes are creating investment opportunities in behavioral health.
  • Patrick Pilch describes how the healthcare workforce will need to shift in support of new community-based models and DSRIP programs.
  • Geoffrey Kaiser, Esq., of Rivkin Radler, explores the rise of quality data as a reimbursement benchmark in the first article in a three-part series on evolving payment models.
  • Patrick Pilch and Rachel Laureno describe the rise of outpatient and ambulatory care as a way to drive down facility costs while increasing patient volume.
  • Venson Wallin and Dr. David Friend discuss how performance-based models may mean the end of maximizing the quantity of daily patient visits – and a shift to greater focus on quality.
  • A PErspective in Healthcare feature examines the current role of private equity in healthcare and why healthcare property investors such as REITs are eyeing the senior housing sector.
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