Shattering Silos Will be the Name of the Game for Health & Life Sciences in 2019

The health and life sciences landscape is synonymous with never-ending disruption as the infiltration of technology, evolving business models, the rise of healthcare consumerism and more continue to blur traditional supply chain lines. In response, we’ve seen an increase in healthcare bankruptcies, and health and life sciences organizations alike are fighting for access to capital amid pressure to transform assets. To thrive in this environment, organizations must strive for Shared Care, Shared Value: breaking down silos to drive value across the health and life sciences ecosystem.

How will health and life sciences organizations work toward this goal in 2019? Here are glimpses into our top predictions:


  1. REITs will continue to pull away from the post-acute care space, making room for private equity to come in and inject much-needed capital to refocus and transform senior care assets.
  2. Amazon, JPMorgan & Berkshire Hathaway will organize as a benefit corporation, prioritizing positive impact for employees and communities in its decision-making processes over profits.
  3. A company will develop a crowd-funded health plan targeted entirely to rural communities with telemedicine and remote patient monitoring as the central focus.

In a Dec. 11 interview with CNBC on Nightly Business Report, BDO’s Dr. David Friend talks about Apple’s ability to revolutionize healthcare through new iPhone and watch features like its heart rhythm monitor. 


  1. Life sciences companies will focus more on building government contracting and grant opportunities into their overall business strategy to maximize revenue and profitability.
  2. We’ll see new R&D momentum in 2019, and Academic Medical Centers will balance their books with significant revenue sources from new discovery royalties.
  3. Human and machine (AI) teams will begin to define the future of testing and analysis. Artificial intelligence is providing a paradigm shift toward personalized medicine.
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