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Supply Chain Fraud: Risk Management for Retail & Consumer Products Companies

Given the sheer complexity and scale of supply chains today, it’s no surprise that fraud poses a larger threat to organizations today than ever before. Are retail and consumer products companies taking the appropriate steps to protect... read more

By David Berliner | May 02, 2018

How Bankrupt Retailers Treat Customer Deposits & Consignment Inventory

After filing for bankruptcy, retailers manage customer deposits and consigned inventory according to their specific circumstances. read more

By Katherine Gauntt | February 22, 2018

History Repeats Itself: Physical Nexus & The Online Sales Tax Debate

E-commerce challenges the tax concept of “physical nexus” as more retailers do business in states where they have no physical presence. read more

Retailers Navigate Risk Overseas Amid Geopolitical Change

Vying for global market share, U.S. retailers stay abreast of the most critical international risks. Learn which international issues are top of mind for todays’ retailers in our 2017 Retail RiskFactor Report. read more

Food Fraud: Understanding the Problem, Managing its Risks, and Seizing Opportunities

The media often reports on food fraud with the goal of educating consumers on how they may be impacted and tips for protecting themselves. However, businesses play the most critical role in managing food fraud. read more

By Scott Ziemer | February 07, 2017

Potential Implications of a Destination-Basis Tax System for U.S. Retailers

Masked in myriad suggestions for comprehensive tax reform is a proposal that could have a significant impact on the U.S. retail industry. The plan, contained in the House Republicans tax blueprint A Better Way: Our Vision for a Confident... read more

By Clark Schweers | September 27, 2016

Preventing Finances from Spoiling When a Food Recall Hits

Food contamination and recall issues are becoming more commonplace, and the scale of the problem is growing, affecting some of the biggest names in consumer product goods. read more

Results from Reader Survey: What are Your Expectations for this Valentines Day?

Earlier this month, we asked you, our readers and @BDOConsumer Twitter followers, to share your expectations for consumer spending this Valentines Day. read more

By Doug Hart | June 04, 2015

Retailers Economic & Security Concerns Evolve

As we highlighted last week in our infographic, retailers chief concerns related to the economy are changing. read more

By Ted Vaughan | May 01, 2015

Moving Beyond the Minimum: Retailers Decide to Boost Employee Wages

The biggest line item on retailers budgets may be getting bigger. As unemployment rates decline and external pressures shift workforce dynamics, simply meeting minimum wage requirements for entry-level salaries may no longer be enough... read more