Risk E-Business: Become Cyber-Secure and Protect Your Brand, Assets and Customers

As e-commerce and omnichannel platforms continue to boom, more retailers are finding out the hard way that there are considerable risks associated with the digital movement. In order to adequately protect themselves from breaches in cyber security, organizations need to first realize the gravity of these threats, and then proactively secure their platforms before it’s too late.

BDO is committed to helping our clients understand these risks and develop diligent, preemptive strategies to significantly reduce their exposure. That’s why our team has developed this presentation, which delves into the most pressing cyber-threats facing retailers and their data. We encourage you to look through the slides, and if you have questions or would like to speak with someone live about your organization’s challenges, please feel free to contact Michael Barba at mbarba@bdo.com or Natalie Kotlyar at nkotlyar@bdo.com.