Costumes, Candy, DecorationsOh My!

Halloween represents the second largest sales holiday for retailers outside of the winter holiday season.  The NRF released expectations that retailers could see the average shopper increase spending from 2009’s $56.31 to $66.28.  This is more akin to 2008 levels where the average spend was $66.54.

But, will there be a scary ending for retailers this season?

All signs so far point to positive results for retailers.  Based on our discussions with retailers, candy sales have improved over 2009, and now we are seeing trends that costume sales are improving over 2009 as well.  Kids are of course grabbing up vampires, princess and witch costumes, but it seems adults are also getting into the game. Most popular costumes? That honor goes to the “characters” of the Jersey Shore.

With Halloween Sunday fast approaching, we’ll soon know the fate of this year’s Halloween shopping season.  If consumer spending rises as expected, retailers should see an uptick in their October same-store sales, but we hope it’s not at the expense of 17 million angry pets.

Do you see this Halloween season as being ghastly or promising?