Keeping Up with the Mobile Consumer

Comparison shopping via home computer is no longer the only digital challenge for retailers. As mobile shopping apps become more popular, it takes minimal efforts for consumers to find the best prices available while still in the store. At the same time, the economic downtown necessitated heavy discounting on the retail side and led to the rise in popularity of daily deal sites.

Have we created a generation of consumers expecting deals? And if so, how can retailers respond?

Mobile Cannot be Ignored

It seems to be a call to action for retailers who have not yet entered the mobile platform. This new set of mobile consumers can add to retailer’s clientele base and present an opportunity to increase sales revenue. Consider these statistics:
  • Over the holiday season, mobile shoppers accounted for $127 billion in sales, 28% of the overall holiday spending
  • One in four U.S. adults now use mobile apps
  • 44% of U.S. adults who have a Smartphone app or mobile browser have used a bar code scanning app while shopping , and 38% have used a discount or deal app such as those from Groupon or LivingSocial

How Can Retailers Keep Up?

With new applications like ShopSavvy, RedLaser, TheFind popping up all the time, it’s a great market for consumers, but challenging for retailers looking to connect with mobile shoppers. Here are a few ways retailers can keep up with and capitalize on mobile commerce:
  • Simplify Mobile Commerce Site – It’s basic, but consumers may get frustrated and go elsewhere if your mobile commerce site is not easy-to-use. Here’s a list of retailers that are doing it right.
  • Consider Using Location-based Shopping Apps – 1/3 of users who have a location-based feature on their phone used it to locate shopping and coupons. Retailers who have location-based features may gain more foot traffic, when coupons can pop up on consumers smartphones.
  • Connect With Consumers Personally – Consider a strategy like Macy’s, who recently rolled out a mobile initiative using texts and QR codes to send short specialized clips providing fashion advice.

What is your strategy to keep up with what many are calling “the biggest trend of the year”?