A Bright Future for Mobile

The results of our Retail Compass Survey of CMOs reveal that when it comes to holiday marketing, retailers are cautious about their use of mobile this year. Just 36% of CMOs surveyed say they have included mobile in their holiday marketing strategy. Of these retailers, 84% say mobile accounts for less that 10% of their marketing efforts. However, this cautious mindset grows rosier when considering the responses of CMOs from the top 100 largest retailers (12% of the overall sample). Within this group, 58% of respondents are using mobile strategies this holiday season, proof that larger retailers are more willing and able to invest in mobile than their smaller counterparts.

These results indicate that smaller retailers may be waiting in the wings to see how larger retailers fare with mobile before planning their own strategies. In any case, mobile is only just beginning to reveal its value. As consumers demand a more personal shopping experience, retailers will continue to adopt mobile marketing and make it a more central part of their strategy. Like the meteoric rise of e-commerce, mobile marketing will likely follow a similar trajectory as shoppers turn to their phones for a more streamlined experience.

Perhaps the best example of mobile’s promise lies in its intersection with flash sale sites. Survey results show that many retailers are wary of the flash sales, with 67% of CMOs reporting that they have not made use of flash sale and/or daily deal strategy this holiday season. As with mobile, retailers in the top 100 are more invested in the platform—50% of these retailers are incorporating flash sales into their holiday efforts. Despite concerns that the flash sale space is simply too crowded, sites that make use of mobile have seen remarkable success. Mobile devices allow consumers to instantly take advantage of limited-time deals as they are offered throughout the day. The effectiveness of this partnership means that as mobile continues to grow, flash sale sites will likely follow suit.

What do you predict for the future of mobile?