• BDO Global Equity Mobility Solution

Design cost-effective global compensation plans while complying with complex tax requirements

In an increasingly globalized world, executive compensation decisions must be made with employee mobility in mind. The taxation of incentive compensation and equity awards may vary greatly depending on the type of award, the structure of the organization, the tax attributes of the recipient, and their location. Companies that fail to accurately withhold taxes on incentive compensation subject themselves to a time-consuming and expensive correction process.

Real-time tax withholding for global equity compensation

By using transaction data and cross-border travel information, BDO’s Global Equity Mobility Solution (GEMS) provides automated calculations of tax withholdings for an organization’s mobile employees. This easy-to-read report integrates your data to provide location-specific income tax reporting and withholding information.


BDO’s Global Equity Mobility Solution provides:

  • A fully automated approach
  • Tax and withholding calculations executed in real time
  • Electronic links to brokers, payroll, and equity administration
  • Funding directly from brokerages to cover withholding liabilities
  • Global tax data covering hundreds of countries, provinces, states, and municipalities
  • Frequent updates with changes to global tax laws
  • Integration with equity administrators and existing software platforms

We take a holistic approach to global equity. Our end-to-end solution brings together:


Are you prepared to keep up with the equity compliance requirements for mobile employees? BDO can help.

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BDO’s global network is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with deep knowledge of tax laws across the U.S. and in more than 160 countries. For more than 10 years, BDO’s Global Equity Team has designed cost-effective global compensation plans for organizations worldwide.