• BDO Green

    Our commitment to the environment, from grassroots projects to national initiatives.

A better planet. A better company, too.

Recycling. Energy reduction. LEED-certified office buildings. BDO’s sustainability program, BDO Green, is a firm-wide commitment to protecting the planet.
BDO Green is comprised of a wide range of both nationally-sponsored and local, grassroots initiatives to help decrease our impact on the environment. From newsletters, to community service events, to everyday adjustments, BDO is constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, educate our employees, and give back to the communities in which we operate.

Going Paperless
One of BDO Green’s central goals is to drastically reduce paper consumption by hosting green meetings and conferences. So when BDO USA released its updated International Directory last year, not a single copy was printed. Rather, the entire directory was released electronically. The change saved tens of thousands of pages.

Recent firm conferences have cut paper consumption by about 95%, simply by converting paper participant guides to event apps. That's a savings of 1100 participant guides - or 60,500 sheets of paper.

Powering Down
When you add up phones, laptops, monitors, power strips, and lighting for over 3,000 people, every day, you get … well, a lot of energy usage. Simply by being more conscientious about turning off electronics and computer monitors at the end of the day, BDO prevents 1.375 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gases from being released each year.