BDO United States

BDO United States

Uniquely focused on networking, advancement and coaching, examples include:

At BDO, we have consistently heard from women at all levels that they want access to more mentoring relationships. Through BDO's Peer Mentoring Circles, we deliver just that.

We understand that mentoring and coaching can help employees achieve their goals. The purpose of the Peer Mentoring Circles is to provide an opportunity for women to come together, have an open dialogue and support each other through a candid forum of sharing business and life lessons. The program is unique in that it does not follow a rigid or prescribed format; rather it gives participants the needed platform to surface and discuss whatever is on their minds.

Current programs exist for office business line leaders and new partners and we are continually evaluating where new group mentoring circles are needed.

From soft skills to business-critical issues, some of the most talked about topics surfacing through BDO's mentoring circles include:

  • Refining soft skills to help develop well-rounded leaders
  • Resolving issues specific to current business development opportunities
  • Turning individual styles into an advantage during the sales process
  • Handling difficult conversations with colleagues and direct reports
  • Changing perceptions from being an employee to an owner of the firm