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BDO United States

Uniquely focused on networking, advancement and coaching, examples include:

Did you know that women currently represent 55% of accounting graduates? With more than half of BDO's client-facing workforce comprised of women, the firm established the BDO Women’s Initiative – a strategy that fosters an environment for women and men to thrive, reach their potential and contribute to the success of BDO.

Designed to increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of top talent, the BDO Women's Initiative is guided by issues that are most relevant to women, but also impact men. We recognize the importance of cultivating an environment where all employees – women and men - have access to development opportunities that enhance performance.

The initiative was created by using a strategic, data‐driven approach that is rooted in real issues - not gender stereotypes. Firm leaders are closely involved in the development and sustainability of the BDO Women's Initiative to ensure that our strategy is an integral part of the way the firm does business. The BDO Women’s Initiative also supports a firm culture that is open, inclusive, and rigorously focused on performance.

With three key focus areas, the BDO Women's Initiative has become a way of life to:

Why It Matters

The benefits of the BDO Women’s Initiative are vast, extending not only to women and men, but also to the firm. By helping advance professional growth and ensuring the most qualified people are in all positions, we better serve our clients through stronger, more consistent and more successful teams.

The BDO Women's Initiative gives all of our people access to career development tools designed to provide:

  • A clearer understanding of what employees need to succeed
  • More opportunities to build networking skills; increased access to internal and external professional networks
  • Better defined and communicated career paths and standards