BDO United States

BDO United States

BDO Flex is about finding that perfect fit – and is much more than a work-life balance:

BDO professionals can "Flex" by adjusting where, when or how much they work – or even the type of work they do. BDO Flex is not a "'one-size-fits-all" plan. Rather, employees and teams use different types of flexibility along a continuum - from small, temporary schedule modifications to more significant, long-term changes.

Flex Principles

The BDO Flex strategy has employees and supervisors thinking outside of the box when it comes to defining what flexibility means to them and how they can incorporate it to support their busy lifestyles – both inside the office and out. With varying types of possibilities, each is supported by these foundational concepts to help ensure everyone’s use of flexibility is successful:

Type Description Examples
DAY-TO-DAY FLEX Used for small choices and changes in when, where or how you work. The changes are not ongoing or consistent, and have little impact on clients or the BDO team.
  • Attending your daughter's afternoon soccer game
  • Shopping for your friend's birthday present between meetings
  • Working from home while waiting for a plumber
  • Going to the gym two days a week during business hours
PAID TIME OFF (PTO) Used for all or part of a day off, without making up the time.
  • Vacation
  • Illness
  • Other absences of a personal nature
LEAVES OF ABSENCE Used for extended periods of time off
  • World Travel
  • Pursuit of higher education
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Serious health condition that prevents you from working
FORMAL FLEX Used when there is an official, extended change in when, where and/or how you work
  • Shifting your hours outside of what is considered standard for your office, business line or level
  • Telecommuting from home on a regular basis
  • Reduced schedule
  • Be open to possibilities. There are countless ways to combine work and life. Allow yourself to experiment and test new ways of working.
  • Eureka! Think smart. People often uncover solutions that help them work differently—better and smarter.
  • Performance is required. Using Flex requires continuing to meet performance expectations.
  • Be flexible with your Flex. The unexpected will inevitably happen at work or in your personal life, requiring you to adapt along the way.
  • Talk it through. Many Flex challenges can be sorted out by talking them through with your team, career advisor, office leaders, family and friends—or even yourself.